Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 7

Oh no it is already Saturday! The end is coming near, such a shame. We started our day with a concertwalktrough at the church (some people could already feel the nerves in their bodies). After all this we had lunch in the sun at the church, hoping the weather would stay that way. Some friends of neflac drove us to Park Sonsbeek, where at arrival the park was still completely empty. But as soon as we started our little practise of holberg for the tuning, people were coming from all sides of the park. It was a lovely concert but we all were a little bit tired, so when we arrived back at Rhederoord everyone just took some time for theirselves. At dinner Katinka gave a very short cliché speech because it was our last dinner together and then the night could begin. Our concert at the church was just wonderful and had a really nice audience (thank you all for listening). Back at Rhederoord everyone was still full of adrenalin and we had a little party ( including doing the limbo) with our Neflac family. It was an amazing day which will last long in our memories! Love, Katinka, Pedro, Hilde

Monday, 28 July 2014

The last day

Our last Neflac day. It has been a wonderful week. The atmosphere, the surroundings and last, but certainly not least: the flute playing. Our day started with breakfast, packing the last stuff in your suitcase and putting your concert clothes on. The bus arrived and we headed off to the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. We have never been in the Concertgebouw before and we were really excited about it. When we arrived we had to put all our luggage in a big room, after that we took our flutes and went backstage. The whole Concertgebouw building is very nice and there is carpet almost everywhere so it was very nice for us girls because our tights weren’t ruined. We had a nice warming-up from Wieke on stage at the ‘Kleine Zaal’ and we saw the brilliant Neflac video of the 2014 summer course. The warming-ups have been a great help to us, because it makes flute playing much easier for the muscles and it prevents muscle ache. We will certainly keep doing the warm-ups before playing flute. We rehearsed getting off and on the stage and we rehearsed bowing. We also played some pieces with the orchestra and with Eric Vloeimans. Eric Vloeimans is, by the way, a very nice and kind person, who plays his instrument like no one else does. His sound sounded just like a flute and when he played with the YIP’ers in the Dorpskerk in Rheden I was dreaming away. It was beautiful. At one o’clock we had lunch in the foyer of the Concertgebouw. Then we felt like real artists, the feeling intensified when there was a group tour for tourists and people were asking us if we had a concert. Naturally we replied with a big Roberta-like YES! After the lunch we had to get ready for our concert. We were all very tired so when we didn’t have to play we were watching the rest perform on our little flat screen TV in the dressing room, we also listened to them thanks to an ingenious device that records the sound and plays it in the dressing room. Everyone was sitting on a chair or lying on the ground and some were even doing a nap. We all had to be very quiet because if we talked to loud, the audience could hear us and we would disturb the performance. The concert was great and it was lovely to do it with the Neflac family. It was a real experience and we hope we will never forget it! The whole day was one of mixed feelings. Excitement about playing in Amsterdam, happiness because we really enjoyed it and also a feeling of sadness. We all knew that today was our last day and we didn’t want to say goodbye. In one week we have become a Neflac family and it was hard to say goodbye to them. We really want to thank all the staff of Neflac for teaching us, helping us improve our flute playing, for contributing to a wonderful atmosphere and of course for organising such a beautiful summer course. We also want to thank all the NTK’ers and YIP’ers for being such nice and talented people! Thank you all! Love, Cathinca, Renske and Hagai.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Day 6

Hi! today was yet again a very educative, long, but fun day. We started the day with a wonderful warming up by Wieke. We also did some streching excersises with Emily, which hopefully are going to be very helpful for losening up our body while or after practising. NTK had a lesson about tuning with the grand piano, after that private lessons (or practise time!). Rosanne had her lesson with Wieke. 'As always, the lesson with Wiek1e was very interesting. I got so much new information which is going to help me a lot!'The Yip'ers had private lessons from Emily. After a wonderful lunch we hadmasterclasses, it was time for Dorien, Eline, and Roos. Eline; I played passacaille by Rhene- baton, one of my favourite pieces. It was wonderful to be able to play with a piano, espeially with Andrew playing the piano. After a performance Emily could tell me what I could do better (and what I could already do well). After practising orchestra with NTK dinner was served. We enjoyed munched potatoes, vegetables and schnitzel - all of it very delicious. We also got a first sigh of Eric Vloeimans, who joined us to dinner. Directly afer dinner the Yip'ers had a first chance at playing with him, and NTK could listen to his beautiful sounds. He was very impressive and the NTK happily joined the second piece which we play with everyone. We can be most certain that our concerts are going to be great, if not plain fantastic. then; an intervieuw with Eric Vloeimans. Andrew askeed question he'dgotten from the NTK and Yip'ers, but Eric didn't need many questions. He knew exactly what was interesting to say and fascinated us with his stories. It was a fantastic day, we're lookinng forward to our concerts the coming two days, but we think everyone is tired of this wonderful week, which is why we're going to sleep now. We wish you all a nice evening, and hope to see you at our concerts! Eline, Koh, Rosanne and Rocco

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day 5

Today it began with a body warm-up outside with Fjes. We sang heads, shoulders, knees and toes,knees and toes! Afterwards the group divided and we had flute warm-ups in smaller groups. The air was full of laugh and humor and very good energy. Then NTK had a group lesson to practice dynamics ready for ensemble playing later. YIP had privat lessons with Emily and everyone rehearsed with their chamber groups or themselves. After lunch Camilla and Flavia listened to her buddies´s, Marlinda and Nadja, masterclass and made notes for them. Then Marlinda did the same for Camilla. We had lots of rehearsals of flute choir rehersals to get ready for our concerts at the weekend. We are getting better at playing quietly and in tune! We had a barbeque this evening and auctioned some flute gadgets to raise money for Neflac! Afterwards we were taken on walk in the amazing grounds of Rhederoord until it got dark in the woods!The atmosphere was full of energy and laugh. Marlinda: My favourite part of the day was playing Vivaldi's Il Gardellino for Emily in my masterclass. I learned a lot about interpretation and making the music really interesting to listen to. Nadja: I really like the maasterclass with Emily. I learned that I couuld add my own notes to the already written parts of Handels music. I also liked the flute orchestra with NTK and YIP because its beautiful to play all together. Flavia: The whole day was full of very inspiring experiences. Today there was time for playing alone, and time for playing together. My lesson with emily and listening to others at masterclass is an earopener. Today we worked hard,and celebrated with a wonderful BBQ and wine. And the walk to digest the good food for body and soul. Camilla: My favourite part of today was playing the Mozart G major concerto in a mastercass with Emily. We talked about stylistic trills, slurs and cadenzas. It was really helpful. I am really looking forward to playing at the Concertgebouw on Sunday.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

day 4

On this very sunny day we started with greeting the sun on our yoga matts. We were faced with the fact that we should maybe stretch a little more in the future, because some of us had some little issues with these "relaxing" positions. After laying down in the gras we felt one with nature and we could start the day completely zen. After a further warming up with the flutes, the normal morning program started. For the lessons with Jeroen and Wieke the NTK'ers usually bring someone with them to take notes so they can use the comments to the treated subjects later. The YIP'ers had lesson or rehearsed some trios and quartets for the concert in the parc in Sonsbeek. Since the weather was so nice (ofcourse that was because of our beautiful sungreeting) many of them practised outside. Those who were still inside had to come outside at lunchtime, because the lunch was served in the pretty gardens of Rhederoord. While the YIP'ers had a workshop with Wieke about practising the brain, the NTK'ers had masterclass with Emily and after that they rehearsed for the flute orchestra. At 16.00 we all got together to share the moment of silence for the victims of the terrible plane accident last thursday with the rest of the Netherlands. After this moment of respect we continued the afternoon program, wich containes ensemble rehearsals for the NTK'ers and more flute lessons and rehearsing for the YIP'ers. Those who thought they had rehearsed enough for the day or those who just love the sun so much, continued the sungreeting from the yoga lesson, but than more comfortable, on their back. After a delicious dinner with a cupcake as dessert, we had a workshop about musical storytelling, given by Leo Samama. It was very interesting and educational, but when it was finished we all were glad that we could get some rest after this busy day. Let's greet the moon now and sleep well everbody! Sofia & Dorien

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 3

This third day, we started with a warming-up outside after a short walk, to a beautiful place called the secret Neflac place, near the big -really big- trees. After this, the NTK'ers had a theme lesson about chords and harmonics, which was very useful to train your intonation. It was also a lot of fun. Some of the YIP'ers had a lesson with Emily, while others had the rehearsal with Andrew on the piano or went to the Alexander technic workshop. Nina had a great rehearsal with Andrew to prepare for the masterclass later this day. The YIP'ers had also some free time before lunch, in which they formed trio's and quartets and rehearsed outside in the sun. Then, it was time for a very delicious lunch (with even a couscous salad, mmm!)outside. The NTK'ers started their afternoon with a masterclass from Emily, while the YIP'ers had the opportunity to go to a technical clinic by Wieke or Jeroen. After this, the NTK'ers had some time of ensemble coaching. Anna May: "I rehearsed with Janneke and Robin as a trio for this weekend's concerts and Jeroen coached us. We thought it was a lot of fun and it worked out very nice!" Nina had the masterclass of Emily this afternoon: "That was so exciting! I learned so much already!" Just before dinner, we had a workshop called "Get to know how your flute is made". It was presented by Cilia van Uffelen and Harry van Ekert from Someren, two experts in building and reparing flutes. It was amazing to see just a plate of silver, after a month transformed in a whole perfect looking flute. We also could try some of their flutes. Daniël and some other students had their flutes checked. Then we went for an also very very delicious dinner, but we could only enjoy this for ca 45 minutes, because then we already had to go to the first -very exciting- flute orchestra rehearsal. This was véry surprising, Daniël: "But what it was, we'll keep it a secret! Everbody has to come to the concert to hear for themselves! Anna May, Daniël and Nina.

#Day 2

Hi everybody! This Robin van de Paverd, Daniel Shao, Janneke Verspagen and Joséphine Olech blogging about our NEFLAC experience on the second day of the course. Robin and Janneke are on the course for younger Dutch players, while Daniel and Joséphine are on the course for older international players. Today we had our first lessons, Robin with Jeroen, annd Daniel with Emily. Daniel: "Emily's lesson was extremely useful in talking about technical aspects of flute playing in general , as well as brilliant feedback on my playing from yesterday's concert; we all had to play a piece which we had prepared, with pianist Andrew West. I shall make sure to remember everything she has said, and incorporate it into my practice" Robin: "Jeroen's lesson was very interesting and I have learned a lot. It feels like I have learnt more in 45 minutes than in a whole week. I hope that I will learn a lot more, and have lots of fun too!' Joséphine : "We had a really great day here- it was such a fulfilling experience, because not only did we improve our flute playing with great teachers (we had two super master classes with Emily including one on orchestral excerpts) but also we had many activities together that take us a little bit away from the music stand!" Janneke: This day was very nice and i know for sure the whole week will be nice. I already have learned a lot and I hope people will hear that after this week. We also have very nice workshops and activities. It's a great experience to listen to other flute players, especially to my buddy, Josephine. Tonight we had a workshop about jazz and improvising with an amazing jazz flutist called Mark Alban Lotz, which was fantastic for bring many flute players out of their comfort zones - this will help musicians to breach new ground in their musical journeys!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The first day

Hello everybody! We're Anne, Blanka and Roos, we're the first bloggers of the week. This morning we arrived, Blanka is from Hungary so she'd been drving for 15 hours before the arrival. The villa of Rhederoord and the surrounding are very beautiful and luxurious so we are very grateful to be here. Our welcome was very friendly and we were all introduced to each other while sitting in a circle so that we were able to look each other in the eyes. Right afterwards we were introduced to soprano Roberta Alexander, who was going teach us how to present ourselves professionally on stage. She was very funny and she taught us a lot. First she gave us some tips about what to wear, what not to wear and how to move as a professional musicican. After that we had our first delicious lunch at Neflac while we got to know each other better. Thanks to Katinka's fifth year at Neflac, we were treated on brownies which was really tasty!!! The rest of the afternoon we had a presentation concert, first by the NTK group and after that by the YIP group. There was a lot of variation between the pieces and performances. It was great to hear how everyone played individually and to hear the many different styles of playing. Now we would like to finish our post so we spend our last 10 min. before we have to get upstairs except Blanka. She's YIPper so she doesn't need to go upstairs at 10 o'clock. And of course we are very jealous aboutit.. :) Ciao and cheers to Blanka!!!!